The Unbelievable truth of renaissance dental

renaissance dental New England Journal of Medicine one of the most prestigious journals in the planet in deemed fluoride as a potent neurotic so it’s slightly¬†renaissance dental less toxic than Arc’s arsenic but more toxic than live so it’s way up there in the toxic scale Wow so yeah just let’s just throw it.

renaissance dental
renaissance dental

o water in that and then have people take it for the rest of their life without ever monitoring you’re following up and without informed consent because we never tell what people don’t even know it was buried in their .

water that’s what’s so frightening to me is it seems to be almost happening but it’s almost like it’s trying to happen behind closed doors in a way it’s not totally closed doors but it is very sort of subterfuge it’s not publicized it’s not really talked a little bit right should be should be you know I’m really you know I’d like to not that any mainstream news

media is watching my videos but if you do I’m gonna throw down the gauntlet for you and saying you know you guys need to do some actual investigative reporting here and not just well that’s that’s a huge request because media we probably get between maybe one to five or ten pro flurry pieces in .

the mainstream media so if you’re out if you publicize ten to one it’s pretty hard to combat yes I suppose that’s true so we’ll have to we’ll have to rely on the grass one thing I’d like the touch runs is dose and dosage man that just briefly or but

I think that’s an important point because particularly dentists and doctors should be looking at that and every time we ask the pro fluoridation is about dose or did you just say oh that’s okay we were managing the concentration so it’s not a concern so they lowered

the concentration of fluoride from one point two parts per million about a decade or two ago to one part per million than two point eight parts per million and now it’s . parts per million trust us safe and effective one point two two point seven

that’s about a % decrease of my mouth is okay and but it’s always safe and effective at one point to know it’s safe and effective at only point seven they’re not pretty sure really what safe and effective does actually save an effective is zero yeah but dorsen dosage are important because say we have a hundred pound woman who’s running marathon so she’s drinking ten glasses of fluoridated water a day I’m sitting in my office knowing does